It is very difficult (not to say almost impossible) to see Dita Von Teese in any other way than impeccably perfect. We may or may not like her style, but it’s obvious that she has personality, knows how to make the most of it and surely knows a number of beauty tricks that she has decided to share with her fans by publishing Your Beauty Mark: The Ultimate Guide to Eccentric Glamour, with the collaboration of Rose Apodaca.

According to the diva of Burlesque, this is not just another book that tells a “correct” way of doing things but is designed for each reader to find what makes you feel good, surpassing the typical ideals of beauty. Some of its secrets have already appeared on the net, such as these seven that you can discover below.

1. Apply sunscreen on your hands, always

According to Dita’s words, the eyes can reveal the soul, but the hands show what our age is. I was surprised by this advice because even though it is of an overwhelming logic (for some reason we use facial moisturizers with high UV protection), it never crossed my mind to apply some sunscreen on my hands when it is evident that it is one of the areas most exposed to ultraviolet rays.

To avoid spots and wrinkles, nothing like a hand cream with high protection that we can also carry in the bag to renew the application from time to time. It is also recommended to use a mild pH soap to wash them and avoid the soap to wash the dishes. This part is going to be difficult for me because I hate gloves, but I will try to compensate with more hydration. Let’s see if it’s going to turn out that the hands are where most notice the years because most of us forget about them (yes, I\’m spreading hand cream right now, I could not help it).

2. Reserve a brush for loose hair

This trick is one of those that make the difference between wearing a common mane and wearing it as if you had just passed through the beauty salon… Or even better, since many times I’ve left the hairdresser’s and had loose hair everywhere.

It consists of something as simple as taking a flat base brush, spraying it with lacquer and applying it to dry hair on broken or loose hair. I liked the idea, but as I am not a lover of lacquer I have looked for an alternative with another product and I have found a John Frieda brush with Sacha Inchi oil that apparently fulfils the same function. I couldn\’t resist asking for it, will it work?

3. If you are going to undergo an invasive treatment, investigate first

Dita advises visiting no fewer than six doctors before undergoing cosmetic surgery or any invasive treatment. I would add that if we can avoid them better, but of course if it’s about doing something serious, you have to take it seriously. It is not superfluous to take it into account for tattoos as well.

4. And above all do it for yourself

Here he encourages us not to change anything about our body by satisfying another person (easy to distinguish) or by social pressure (more complicated to recognize). It never hurts to remember that we have to do things for and by ourselves, but would we do them if we went to live on a deserted island? I think it’s more realistic to at least think about not doing anything that doesn’t agree with what we like and helps us improve our self-esteem.

5. Seduce with your gaze

Intense delineation is the key to Dita Von Teese’s makeup and to achieve it, use the MAC Fluidline Blacktrack gel eyeliner, although if the occasion requires it, also use MAC Liquidlast Liner.

We already know the product, now I just need a magic potion to eliminate the clumsiness and sure I get a cat eye as fantastic as the ones you usually look.

6. Use a hair dryer to fix the makeup.

Dita uses a hand fan to fix her makeup, but we recommend a Babyliss straightener and blow dryer, selecting the cold air because although on the one hand, she reveals her secrets to us, on the other hand, she must also hate us a little bit. Thanks, but not this, I don’t make up so much either.

7. Always be the first version of yourself, not the second version of someone else.

This phrase has been stolen from Judy Garland, but it is a good recommendation, especially when you have written a guide for others to copy your styles. It’s all very well to keep some of Dita Von Teese’s tricks, but don’t try to become a bad imitation of her person.

Anyway, as this is something I’ve been taking into account for a long time (to gently say that it’s quite obvious), I found the first two tips, careful hands and crazy hairs at bay much more useful. What advice do you keep? If you liked any of them, of course.

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