It’s time to think about one of the most common hair problems of autumn: hair loss. Beauty laboratories or pharmacists research and develop new products or reformulate some of their best sellers against hair loss each season. These treatments help make hair stronger, shinier and healthier. Selected some of the anti-hair loss treatments that can make your hair look great in the fall and winter.

Rene Furterer

Rene Furterer offers several treatments to treat and strengthen hair loss. Triphasic Progressive is a new treatment for progressive hair loss. It has three active phases that act on the three stages of hair’s life and helps to stop hair loss, stimulate growth and prolong hair’s life, according to a user test carried out by the firm.

It should be used a couple of times a week during the first month of intensive treatment, and then once a week for two months.

At Amazon, for 57.95 euros.

RF 80 ATP ENERGIE by Rene Furterer is a concentrated anti-hair loss treatment with plant extracts and natural essential oils that promote hair growth in a healthy way and delay hair loss. It is especially indicated for reactional hair loss, i.e. for massive but punctual hair loss. It is a treatment in ampoule format that should be applied once a week.

Set of 12 ampoules in El Corte Ingles, for 56,30 euros.

The Triphasic Progressive shampoo (200 ml) is an ideal complement for hair loss treatments. It is a shampoo with two active anti-hair loss and essential oils that help the hair look smoother, shinier, stronger and reinforced. It contains biospheres that burst during application and stimulate micro-circulation to prolong hair growth.

In El Corte Inglés, for 16.80 euros.


Klorane Tri-Active Complex is a treatment for chronic hair loss that combines different plant actives to help hair grow thicker and stronger. It has a serum format with quinine, caffeine and arginine that combat hair loss and favours its growth, density and resistance, according to the company’s laboratories.

How is it applied? Two or three sprays on the less populated areas of the scalp (both dry and wet). Then you should make a gentle massage and does not need rinsing. The brand recommends applying it two or three times a week for three months.

On Amazon, for 32.95 euros.

Quinine shampoo with vitamins B of Klorane (400 ml) is a product especially indicated for weakened hair or as a complement to treatments for hair loss. It is a shampoo that stimulates hair growth thanks to the combination of Quinine and Vitamin B. The hair looks stronger and full of vigour, according to the satisfaction test carried out by Klorane.

In Amazon, for 11.37 euros.


This triple treatment has a fall arrest, breakage and repair effect. The Pilfood Triple Effect pack consists of the anti-hair loss shampoo (200 ml) and the Density Conditioner without Rinse (175 ml). The shampoo is revitalizing and prevents hair loss while helping to regain strength and density. What we like best is its softness, so you can use it every day.

While Density Conditioner without pH6 Rinse is a concentrate of active ingredients that help repair the hair from the inside to the outside. It nourishes the hair, seals the hair structure and strengthens the hair. It also promises to preserve colour and contains sunscreen.

Pack triple effect Pilfood in Amazon, for 18 euros.


Lambdapil Anti Hair Loss is a shampoo that helps reduce excessive hair loss and stimulates growth thanks to its active ingredients that stimulate the hair follicle. Hair becomes stronger, shinier and fuller. The best? Its conditioning agent allows it to be used frequently.

On Amazon, for 11.61 euros.

Lambdapil Anti Hair Loss lotion is a single-dose treatment specifically for androgenetic alopecia (common baldness) that serves to slow hair loss and promote growth. It also offers a shield effect against oxidative stress and promises to reduce dandruff and scalp flaking.

Pack of 20 single doses in Amazon, for 40 euros.


Pilexil Hair Loss Ampoules is a treatment that acts against the factors involved in hair loss thanks to its innovative formula. They treat the hair loss in a direct way and help to recover the density of the hair with the use. They are recommended for those people who have a punctual and excessive hair loss.

For optimal results, the brand recommends its use in two phases: the first is a shock treatment in which you must apply one ampoule daily for one month, and the second phase is a maintenance treatment and is applied one ampoule three times a week for three months.

Pack of 20 ampoules in Amazon, for 30.98 euros.

Pilexil Hair Loss Shampoo is a product indicated to stop hair loss and stimulate hair growth. It can be used as a single treatment or as a complement to other treatments. It is frequently used thanks to its pH (pH5.5) and contains conditions that facilitate combing.

In Amazon, for 10.25 euros.

Farma Dorsch

Go Organic Shampoo with Farma Dorsch Vitamins (500 ml) promises to reduce hair loss, increase density and stimulate growth thanks to Vitamins B5, B6, Biotin and Zinc. In addition, it cleanses the hair gently and without attacking it with non-sensitising cleansing agents of vegetable origin. The best? It is suitable for all types of hair (from normal to oily), but it goes especially well if your hair is weak and very brittle.

At Amazon, for 41 euros.


Aminexil Clinical 5 (Female) from the Dercos line of Vichy is an anti-hair loss treatment that helps strengthen the root, strengthen the hair and rebalance the scalp. According to a test carried out by the firm’s laboratories in three weeks, the scalp is strengthened and the hair becomes more resistant. It comes in single-dose format and is applied one dose a day for six weeks and for maintenance treatment, is applied three single-dose a week.

Pack of 21 single doses in Amazon, for 45 euros.

Vichy has introduced a novelty to treat hair loss: Stimulant-Fortifying conditioner. It is a treatment that reduces hair loss caused by hair breakage and is especially indicated for very fragile hair. The hair looks stronger and untangles without weighing down. It is ideal to combine with the firm’s anti-hair loss shampoo.

Anti-fall conditioner on Amazon, for 13,10 euros.


Drucay’s Anaphase+ stimulating cream shampoo is a treatment for reactive or chronic hair loss. Although it is shampoo it has a very comfortable cream texture and is the ideal complement for stronger hair loss treatments. With continued use, the hair looks more voluminous, vigorous and strong. In addition, it can be used every day.

At Amazon, for 14 euros.

Cream Ducray Hair Loss Lotion promises to reduce hair loss and reactivate growth. Hair regains density, strength, vitality and endurance with use. It is indicated for occasional hair loss that can lead to stress or fatigue. It should be applied three times a week for two months.

Pack of two lotions in Amazon, for 38.40 euros.

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