We tell who are suitable stylers – depending on the length of the hair and the desired result. Try best flat irons for African American hair.

Cone curling iron

Because of the shape, stylists call this styler “carrot”. When wrapped, the strands are more voluminous at the roots and finely twisted at the ends, which gives the styling a retro motive. “The cone styler is suitable for medium length cascaded hair. I recommend setting the maximum temperature, because at medium and low temperatures the strands will warm up for a long time, and the curls will turn out to be very small, which is not very beautiful, ”explains Ivan Subota, top stylist of Milfey salon, City.

“The cone works well for all textures that are currently relevant. For example, this is a wave from the middle of the length with straight ends. This is convenient because the cone curling iron does not have an element covering the hair band, so it is easier to leave the tip straight. In addition, cone-shaped curling irons are very convenient for choosing the wrapping diameter. If you twist at the base, where the diameter is larger, then the waves are more free. And, accordingly, on the contrary: the closer to the end, the finer the curl, ”says Karina Kotova, Matrix technologist.


The most versatile home styler is the iron. They can either wind their hair or straighten it. When choosing, it is important to pay attention to the fact that the iron is as smooth as possible – then the hair will slide along it, and the wire rotates around its axis. Once you learn how to use an iron, you can easily wind your hair from the face and inward in a few minutes. You can also make beach waves-style curls with an iron.

Spiral curling iron

The rod of the curling iron is a cylinder with a spiral-shaped relief applied to it. During use, the hair falls into the grooves and curls more. “Such a curling iron is suitable for making curls in the evening, then the styling will last the next day and will look even better in the morning. This is very convenient if you are going on a flight. The choice of diameter is also a very individual matter. You need to proceed from what kind of curls you want – large or small, ”says Anna Khachaturova, art colorist at Aldo Coppola Barvikha.

“Usually spiral curling irons are used for long hair and medium-length on soft curly hair or fine hair to create crisp spiral curls,” adds Oksana Gagina, ghd manager.

“Spiral curling iron – for creating vertical curls. As a stylist, I was unhappy with her: it is difficult to wind up and it comes out ugly. It’s easier for me to wind it vertically on an ordinary thin curling iron. Spiral – for those who do not know how to curl their hair at all, so that they can see how each strand has to be wound along the groove, “says Olga Babich, creative partner of L’Oréal Professional.

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