The actress Paz Vega has surprised her own and strangers in one of her last appearances, within the parties prior to the Golden Globes.

As you can see, Paz has left her midi mane to throw herself to show off a pixie in every rule, a haircut with which very few dares and just as few are favoured. Do you think she was right?

Paz has decided for a short hair with a stripe on one side passing the bangs on the forehead. Maybe it’s the bangs that don’t convince me at all more than the aspect of wearing short hair, because Paz’s features are very nice, although I have to say that with the short hair that I’ve been wearing in recent months I was very favoured.

On the other hand, I applaud the fact that she has known how to take risks and change her image since those who spend their whole lives with the same hairstyle are boring.

What you should keep in mind before moving to pixie

Wearing short hair may seem the most practical but it is only so if we do not care how the hair is, let’s go if we do not give much importance to the snails and crazy hairs or lose its beautiful shape.

On the contrary, it needs their dedication if you want a perfect pixie. The plates and the fixers will be the best allies.

The reality of wearing short hair is that it quickly loses shape and that is when we must decide whether to continue with the hairstyle and redo it or pass the odious transition from short hair to melenita.

What do you think about the change of Peace?

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