The most vivid colours are flooding the streets. The most curious thing is that they are also moving to the hair of our celebrities who, lately, we see changing their look very often.

This time they have been, on the one hand, these days we have seen Katy Perry change her hair colour again. It is very common coming from her and more when we have already passed by the blue, purple, pink … But now she has chosen a tone that we had not seen before: green.

Perhaps the most curious thing is the technique of dying because it does not focus on the roots, which leaves the natural tone of the singer, and the colour extends to the tips and from something above the media. I confess that I don’t like it, but it’s different.

And on the other hand, we have Kristen Stewart who has launched to give a touch of colour to her hair, opting for nothing less than orange.

Let it be known that this change of look is due to a new role in a film in which he participates, ‘American Ultra’, and which is shooting in New Orleans. The demands of the script have brought about this curious change that, I have to admit, is not going at all for me either.

What do you think about these changes of look?

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