The red is back to give intense shades to your hair. In Instagram, we are seeing that the red velvet hair feels very good to brunettes and chestnuts that are tired of their hair colour. We tell you the keys of this colour to the one who wants to sink the tooth as much as a cake and that reinvents and modernizes the mahogany of all life.

For the tone to set well on the brown manes, colourists recommend having the mane lightened with blond or highlights, rather than starting from a shade of hair too dark. The perfect shade of red velvet hair is achieved by mixing red and violet. Depending on your base tone or the result you want to achieve, it is necessary to apply a mixture more of one or the other.

On the other hand, chestnuts do not need to lighten their hair tone to fix well this reddish with nuances that feel so good and that gets an autumnal aspect and very warm in our look.

The result is a more discreet colour than violets or reds, but also has a lot of. At first, it may be difficult to find the exact shade we are looking for, because it is also different in smooth than curly hairs, and can offer different shades if we have lighter highlights in our hair before dying.

A tone that must be taken care of with finishing products so that it does not acquire orange dyes, and so that it maintains its vibrant and deep colour. And the best thing about this red velvet colour is that it feels good whether your skin is light, brown or olive.

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