From the first moment we learned that Nuggela & Sulé’s Premium #1 Shampoo, which we know best as the onion shampoo that doesn’t smell like onion, was (and is) sweeping Amazon, ranking among the best-sellers, we knew we had to put it to the test and see for ourselves the results. So, here’s our experience.

First of all, I will leave you completely alone and confirm again that no, the Shampoo No. 1 Premium does not smell like onion and does not come out (nor the rest of products), in fact, has a very pleasant aroma. It simply has Red Onion extract which has to fortify properties thanks to two of its powerful active ingredients:

Flavonoid quercetin helps improve blood flow and reduce inflammation of the scalp.

Sulfur, which is known for its antiseptic properties and its ability to purify and improve the condition of the hair.

On the other hand, it also contains Marine Glycogen that helps the synthesis of proteins during the process of hair growth which strengthens the hair, giving it more volume and slowing its fall. It also contains Dead Sea Salts which, by containing silicon, activate blood circulation and stimulate hair growth, all without parabens and with firm cruelty-free policy.

That is to say, we enter with a shampoo that at the same time is treated, that is to say, that not only cleanses the hair, but that treats it with its formula and stimulates the growth of the same one fortifying it.

The fact is that Amazon has been alternating for years the first and second place (right now is in the second) among the best-selling shampoos, also being a leader in sales in pharmacies and parapharmacies. This confirms that this product, although not a new shampoo, has figures that support the need to verify.

That’s why, when I got my hands on the complete treatment consisting of shampoo, conditioner and ampoules, I knew I had to give them a good chance and every day for the last month and a half, more or less, they have been my only hair treatment.

In terms of use, two washes are recommended. Pour a small amount in the hand where we will rub until foam comes out in order to break the formula and be more effective. It is true that the first wash does not produce much foam, but the second wash forms a very dense foam that we like so much.

The fact that two washes are recommended is because the first one cleans and the second one treats in depth. Its price right now is 16.77 € (usually about 19.90 €).

Next, we would apply the conditioner that can be used from means to ends and even all over the hair, without fear of greasing what I give faith. In my case, as I have told you on other occasions, I have very fine hair, so all these products usually add weight and some grease. This has not been the case. Although I still prefer to use it avoiding the roots, the times I have applied in that area have not dirty me, although I prefer not to abuse, things as they are. Its price is 16,70 €.

I have completed the treatment with some ampoules the Multivitamin Energy (with a price of 4.49 € each) that help to illuminate the hair from root to ends, while it nourishes and strengthens it inside. They are used a couple of times a week on damp hair and then dry normally.

The result is super clean, shiny hair (which strengthens the onion), loose and yes, with a lot of volumes. The result has enchanted me and that my fine hair is not at all easy, I assure you. It would be a shampoo (and the conditioner too) that I would recommend to all of you who have hair like me, a weaker hair, lifeless, because it really works and I’ve been very satisfied, so much so that I bought a second bottle and I know it will be with me for a long time.

And the key question is does hair grow faster? As we always tell you, miracles don’t exist, don’t expect an XXL hair from one day to the next. The hair will continue to grow at the same speed because it is a biological issue, but it is true that it is born stronger and I even fall much less than before its use. Therefore, I feel very satisfied with this complete treatment: cleanliness, shine, volume and stronger hair, what more could I ask for?

Maybe as but, perhaps it is that for drier hair is possible to lack a little hydration, which we could replace with a good mask, but for those who are like mine, I would certainly recommend it.

Without a doubt, it has been a great discovery with which I feel very satisfied.

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