This week we were able to test first hand the products of René Furterer’s Ritual Okara line. This differentiates hair types according to their colour, in order to be able to face hair needs in a more personalised way. One for dyed hair, other blondes and other greys. Were you thinking of getting one of them? We tell you how they have worked in each of the hair.

According to the expert hair firm, “new trends in colours generate your hair needs and very personalised expectations when it comes to repairing hair and sublimating colour. The Okara Ritual was created to restore hair to its natural health and beauty by repairing the hair fibre”. The result is three different lines: Color for brilliant maintenance, Blond for a luminous blonde and Silver for a polar shine. We’ve tried two shampoos and a caring balm for each.

Shampoo from the Okara Color line by Rene Furterer

The first one we have tried is the Okara Color shampoo (5,97 euros), designed for dyed hair. Design easy to recognize by its passion red packaging, although the product inside is pastel pink very sweet and beautiful. The same goes for its aroma, with a very subtle sweet touch thanks to the natural extract of hamamelis, a powerful colour fixer.

This Okara Color shampoo is very thick and costs a little to spread through the hair, giving the feeling of honey in the mane. However, if you emulsify it in your hands before it is easier to spread. Clean in depth, leaving the root with volume and very fresh with just a wash. No need to repeat washing or let it act. As far as the results are concerned, it is true that the hair looks brighter and with a lot of light. At least one dark like mine.

Shampoo from the Okara Blond line by Rene Furterer

The second option comes from the Ritual Okara Blond (10.97 euros) and is designed for blonde hair. In this case, the shampoo is presented in a transparent container, which shows its golden product full of reflections. A perfect association for the blond, who seeks to be as luminous as the colour of this shampoo. Its aroma also fits the tonality, because the sugar extract comes with a citrus counterpoint thanks to the lemon, which lightens the hair to give it natural light.

This proposal for light hair follows the same lines as the previous one, with a very thick and somewhat sticky product that is not easy to apply if put directly on the hair. However, if bubbles are produced earlier with the hands the thing changes. It can be used daily and there is no need to wait for it to take effect. We have tested it on a colour-treated hair and it has cleared it up considerably, especially on the most marked highlights.

Care balm from Rene Furterer’s Okara Silver line

We finish with the last of the products of the Ritual Okara, the care balm of the Silver range for white or grey hairs (12,27 euros). This is presented in a lilac metallic package, which contrasts sharply with the dark blue colour of the product. This happens because it is loaded with violet corrective pigments, which neutralize the yellowish tendency of a white hair to give it a polar finish.

The texture and sensation in the hair are somewhat softer and oily than that of shampoos, as it is a fluxing gel with a floral aroma that is used after washing. Not a shampoo. It is not for daily use either. It should be used once or twice a week, allowing it to work for three minutes before rinsing to eliminate the yellowish reflections that can spoil the nuclear target. And he does it, keeping the hair dyed white without those unwanted blond highlights.

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