We’ve talked at length about all the youngest and craziest hair tendencies, which are so many – there’s practically a new one every day! But looking at it more closely we see that there are two main ones that are becoming strong in our hair: the grey granny manes that are no longer of the third age; and the happiest and most magical multicoloured hairs. What happens when we put the two together? Boom! Unicorn molasses for everyone.

The idea is to take two totally opposite tendencies and merge them making them work together. Thus, the absence of colour in the mane comes with that pearly grey so bright that until very recently was associated with old age. Meanwhile, technicolour is provided by the rainbow highlights that we have been seeing all last year in a thousand different formats.

Grey is the base tone, which is visible at the roots and intermingles with those fantasy highlights. The colours can be any, the imagination is the limit. Neons, fluorine, pastel or even a single colour to create a colour block effect. Are you aiming for the ultimate millennial trend?

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