One of the problems we encounter when we turn to pink is that of constant maintenance and the doubt of whether we will be doing well, using specific products for this colour with the aim of lasting as long as possible. That is why we have asked David Lesur and Paul Tudor, responsible for the David Künzle salons, about the keys to achieving our purpose, as well as some tips that we should have if we have not yet taken the step.

“If women dare to use aubergine, lilac, blue or green… what would be the problem with champagne pink or cake? – so thinks David Lesur (director of training), about this colour that causes so many headaches to those who dare with it. It is becoming more and more common in all kinds of women and is no longer exclusive in young girls: pink hair is a palpable reality in the street even though for the moment it is seen more in delicate reflections or very subtle degraded.

Different types of rose… which one do you keep?

The rose gives an incredible game, it is applied by means of different techniques and there are infinite tonalities that go from the strongest rose to the cake, peach or coral and in addition, it favours to any type of skin, not presenting many complications at the moment of retiring it: Those that maybe we’ll see more are a pink blonde and pink champagne. The first is the platinum blonde of all life with a shade of pink that can go from more pastel and subtle tones to a darker pink, but without reaching the colour gum. It’s perfect at any age.

The second one, whose name comes from those golden sparkles that give it elegance and a light vintage touch, is not very risky but it is tremendously flattering – says Lesur, who also recommends applying reflections from middle to tips if we opt for a stronger rose or a facial, so as not to appear to be wearing a wig.

If we are talking about facial features, lighter roses in elongated faces and darker ones in oval ones. In the first case because they soften and in the second because they bring rotundity and hardness to a sweeter or aniñado face”.

Tricks to get a surprising rose

Our objective of a rose according to what we are looking for is much simpler if we opt for melting, as recommended by Paul Tudor, head of the David Künzle Fuencarral salon, to create a degraded with various shades of this colour: \”We must also protect each step of the colouring if we have chosen a strong rose or we are going to apply several products, there are special to keep the hair intact, shiny and with volume.

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