It’s a fact (and a reality): hair accessories are more fashionable than ever, and not just hairpins take control of the street style. The RRSS have shown us over the months that the perfect look is complemented with this accessory and today we show it to you with inspiring images for your day today. The question is, which of these options do you keep?

Who dares with ribbons?

The bows are classic but at the same time original, medium-sized and next to the mane, they could take out the girl in you.

Clips and hairpins triumph in street style

We could say that the kings of street style are, without a doubt, the hairpins and the clips. In gold or with pearls, these are presented alone or in large quantities.

Long life for berets

The berets give a chic French touch ideal for the days between seasons. Whether with jeans and leather jacket or plain coloured minidresses, Dior brought back this wonderful accessory last season. Will you be tempted?

The handkerchiefs are back

Although it may seem impossible, silk handkerchiefs are not only used to decorate the neck or give a different touch to your bag. The scarves are worn on the head for all those who want to make a difference.

It’s time for headbands (thick and voluminous)

Prada has brought the Blair Waldorf style headbands back into fashion with extra volume. The street shows us how to wear them and reminds us of that golden age when the preppy style was the king of the street.

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